Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Open Your Heart

Wild Thing, photo by Doug Fitchett, Diablo Lake, WA
She said "Rashel. Open your heart," as I practiced my first scorpion pose against the wall. I'd never heard that before, but somehow my body knew exactly what she was referring to. I opened my chest forward and felt my heart bloom like a lotus out into the room. When I did so, I felt a radiant joy flood my body. My back bent further back, I felt the energy of my backbody vibrate with warmth. I also felt happy.

This is how Alexis Britton taught me to open my heart and feel joy pour forth. She is a Master Anusara Yoga instructor who teaches in La Conner, Washington, at Crescent Moon Yoga, and she is a wizard at teaching people how to find love and joy by practicing yoga on, and off, the mat.

Two years laters, I stood atop a rock aside of Diablo Lake and felt the warm sun on my shoulders. I felt joy and was reminded of the opening of the heart. Since I love inversions for their calming effect, I chose to practice Wild Thing there on that rock. Upside down, I could see the glacier-capped mountains and bright blue sky in a whole new perspective. I remembered times when things felt upside and how I now know how to stay strong and supple during those times. I felt my joyously racing heart become slow, the sounds around me became soft, and I opened my chest to the sky. Remembering, there on that rock, upside down, that even when life changes and my perspective is forced into something new, I can open my heart and pour forth love.

Much love to Alexis...for teaching me to open my heart.

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