Tuesday, June 10, 2014

All Is Coming

Moments come when a person feels burdened by the problems of everyday life. Responsibilities need to be fulfilled. Questions needs answered. Improvements need to be made. Solutions to problems must be obtained. Execution of many actions must take place. 

At any one point in a person's life, that same person shall have many questions about his or her future. Will those responsibilities be met well? Are those improvements reasonable? Will those solutions be efficient? Are the executions doable? It can be a great burden to let these thoughts rest upon the shoulder. 

What I know is this: All is coming. 

All the responsibilities a person has at this moment will come to an end. All of the items that need improvement will change in such a manner that they will no longer need improved. The problems that need solved: they will eventually dissolve. And every one of those items of work that require an action will also come to an end. 

All is coming. 

Every question a person has will be answered or lost to time & memory. All the uncertainties will become certain. All the loose ends will become fixed. Every moment of a person's life is coming. Every concrete memory and abstract idea will come and go. All the answers are in front of each person and are coming to them in time. 

Take to calmness in the idea. All is coming, will become, and will be.