Monday, November 3, 2014


Sometimes I worry. 

I worry about the health of my children. About finances. About my relationships. 

What I am contemplating today is that this life will unfold in ways that I both will like and dislike. There will be illness. There will be times when finances will be strained. Moments will come when there are conflicts amongst my loved ones. 

Aversions such as these will come no matter how much force I apply to influence them otherwise. 

At times, after I've spent years creating healthy meals to nourish the bodies of my family, after I've secured a regular paycheck and managed my money smartly, and after I've used all the tricks of the trade in facing conflicts mindfully, there are moments where I feel like I should just keep applying pressure to steer my rudder away from any left over aversions. 

Today, though, I will, "work at allowing things to unfold...without forcing them to happen and without rejecting the ones that don't fit [my] idea of what 'should' be happening."

In this non-doing, this meditation in action, I will find stillness and peace that will surely bring positivity and be of benefit to my family, my community, and ultimately this universe. 

(Kabat-zinn, Jon. Wherever You Go, There You Are. 1994)