Friday, April 19, 2013

Pure Actions

excerpt from 3rd Verse, Tao Te Ching, photo by Rashel F.

I write inspirational words on a chalkboard that hangs in my dining room. My family doesn't attend any type of fellowship-based gathering together, so the chalkboard is a way for me to share perspectives with them that I believe will help them become self-realized souls.

I know they see the chalkboard and then they see it again. And again. Each time they walk in the room. After a few days, I'll let everyone know that I would like to talk to them about something.

Yes, at this point, my teenagers roll their eyes, but they know I have pure intentions and they sit down to listen. I'll read them the quote and then we'll share our thoughts. Sometimes they don't mesh, but that's okay. We find agreeances, disagreeances, and neutrality in all of our talks. And thats just perfect.

I think it ties in nicely with this quote. 

Coming to our loved ones with non-egocentric objectives is pure, and in that moment, everything falls right into place.