Friday, January 20, 2012


Beginning a Journey 

I recently began the journey of becoming an instructor of yoga. This not only lends towards the idea that I will someday lead a group of yogis in asanas, but also that I will be an instrument of the Buddhi Mind. 

The Buddhi Mind refers to spiritual intelligence or the will of the mind to know what it dharmic (divinely natural & moral). Yoga is more than just physical poses that result in a beautifully sculpted body. It is a way to connect with what is divinely natural with the mind as well. 

When I stepped into a small yoga studio in Bellingham, Washington, I felt the pressing intention of this mind upon my skin. Warmly painted walls hugged tightly an old wooden-planked floor and they were well-lit by three white-paned glass windows which looked out upon a ragged red-brick wall, a blacked roof, and pure-blue sky. It was a perfect mixture of reality and consciousness and I knew right away I was in the right place.

Among a group of warm-faced yogis, I spent eight hours practicing asanas, meditating on higher intentions, and discussing topics focused on the Universal Principals of Alignment (a topic best discussed at a later date).

I left sore but filled with a vibration of light that was unique and welcome. Again, a perfect balance of reality and consciousness.  

This week, as I prepare to meet with my Kula (yogi community), I have studied Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Bagavad Gita, and other ancient Vedic texts. I have practiced breathing techniques, asanas, and pronouncing sanskrit words more correctly. I am keeping a journal, videotaping myself in practice, and publishing my work on venues such as YouTube and Pinterest. 

During my training,  I intend to tell you what I know and show you what I am learning. This will become a space for me to gather my knowledge, reflect upon it, and ultimately create knowledge for my mind...a blooming buddhi mind.

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